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Thomas Cook Group plc was a British global travel group. It was formed on 19 June 2007 by the merger of Thomas Cook AG (itself the successor to Thomas Cook & Son) and MyTravel Group. The group operated in two separate segments: a tour operator and an airline. It also operated travel agencies in Europe. On 23 September 2019 Thomas Cook Group and all UK entities went into compulsory liquidation.


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shahzad khan says

"I am not happy with the services of Thomas cook."

Nina Bhagat says

"I wish I had read the responses here a few months ago. My aged parents saved up their pension & booked a holiday to New Zealand with Thomas Cook India during early April 2020. Covid & the govt. of India’s shutdown ruined their plans. From the end of April 2020, my parents have moved heavens to get a response from Thomas Cook on the status of their money. The responses were always evasive, claiming the tickets were non-refundable and they would not get any money back. Finally, we contacted Singapore Airlines (the airline my parents were booked to fly) who confirmed that the tickets were refunded in FULL on 29 April 2020 itself. Thomas Cook deliberately hid this information from us. Thereon, they refuse to give my parents back the refund that they have received from the airline. Effectively, they are in custody of our funds without delivering any service - this is day light robbery. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH THOMAS COOK, THEY ARE A ROGUE COMPANY WITH FRAUDULENT PRACTICES."

MrSnehilsingh says

"Cheaters and money stealers"

Krishna Kumar says

"I went on a europe tour. Thomas cook is just one big fraud mafia. The tour guide Mr.Naresh Gadhiya was an Idiot and did nothing. He would simply sit at one place and tell every one in the group to go around and see for themselves. The hotels that they booked were largely owned by Gujarati diaspora and the food at the hotels was horrible. he hotels were pathetic and were far away from any interesting place. The food was horrible and there was nothing to eat besides aloo roti and that too it was also cold. The restaurants were all in very dilapidated part of the city where no locals would go. I never understood why you can't pick some decent restaurant close to some interesting place close to either place of stay i.e. hotel or a tourist site and doing so would have saved lot of time. Also when we go out of country would like to try some interesting cuisine, instead all we had was aloo-roti at restaurants. The restaurants you took to were owned by Gujaratis but would treat us as second class citizens. Especially at one of the German restaurant owned by an Indian couple as it was getting crowded and asked to be seated in a different part of the restaurant the owner simply refused saying that Indian are not allowed to sit there as it is reserved for Germans."

DrAbhishek Basu says

"Thomas Cook india Kolkata branch AJC bose road is a complete fraud company. They have extorted ₹ 87000 from me without any booking. Now they are not answering my mails. They have an hooligan attitude that we won't return your money. Do whatever you want. Let's fight against these frauds together. Don't book from Thomas Cook"

Rupali says

"Pathetic service and coordination. They will make sure how you will spoil your quality time with your family. They just know how their business will get fulfill irrespective of customers convenience. Untrained staff. Just ridiculous . Won't recommend anyone to go anywhere through Thomas cook."

Devanshi Gandhi says

"Worstest service ever I’ve received from this company even though their card is not working properly i mean most of the time their card doesn’t work! And when you check your balance in ATM they will deduct automatically around 2-3 pounds for no reason!!!! I will never ever recommend this card to anyone👎👎👎👎👎👎👎"

Nikunj Ramani says

"Plz do not book any holiday packages with Thomas cook. i have very bad experience with them."

Ujwalu says

"It's one of the Cheating Company.Dont book any Travel. They will not refund your amount even after announced by Central Government to stop travelling of tours for Japan,China,Italy etc."

Anindita Patel says

"I have booked a trip for Bali in the month of Jan when there was no scare of Coronavirus. They booked my package in few hours and I paid booking amount of INR 45, 000. Now due this global scare of Coronavirus, I want to reschedule my trip to October 2020 and want to divert my booking amount. I m ready to pay the amendment fees for rescheduling. But no one in Thomas Cook is helping me out in this including the leadership team. Thomas Cook is telling me to cancel my trip and no refund. Really bad experience. This company is just a money collection centre during vacation time, not helping any customer with their request. Do not travel by Thomas Cook."

Steve Hall says

"Do not do business with these people in any form, they are a pack of criminals and everyone associated with them should be locked up. Hey I can understand a company going out of business but these criminals couldnt even bother to inform people who had already purchased tickets. I found out my travel plans were cancelled literally hours before my flight and they had ample opportunity to inform their clients. Furthermore due to this incompotence I was forced to buy a ticket at the last moment from another airline and got raped for double the price. Pack of scum bags"


"Farudsters , gives misinformation to customer. I purchased multi currency card , after the trip I wished to sell my remaining forex!! These guys are making me move back and forth just to sell my forex . First they ask me to visit a nearby branch (10km) , when i visit the branch they say we are not selling forex . I contact them back stating the same , then they say where did you buy it from . I mentioned online using bookmyforex . Then they say we don't deal with any "Thomas Cook " cards sold by third party. I am like it is a thomascook card whol else will refund my account? No response!!! If i buy a lic from any agent i will go to lic for any questions, queries etc.. not agent. Those online platform are authorised by you to sell Thomas Cook cards ,how come you can shy from your responsibility of dealing with such customer. In current state my forex is unsold as these guys are non responsive, all i am doing is waiting for my next trip to spend the amount!! Simple fraudsters and cheaters!!"

amit says

"Even I had horrible experience in online booking. Recently one of my friend suggested to book forex card from Thomas cook. I belived him and I parchased forex card online from agent (name Amir - email id mohammed.khan2 (at) Before buying forex card online agent was very polite and answered all questions in detail. I asked are there are hidden charges ? He said not at all. Even committed to give Thomas cook 11,000/- holiday package, bata vouchers, 5 book my show voucher. I was very happy with all this. So I purchased it online. After payment he told me to get card from neared branch in 2 days. When I went to branch, branch manager told me for every withdrawal of money they are going to charge $6 i.e. in Indian rupees it's almost 450 rupees. I got shocked. 450 rupees is not a small amount and the main purpose of buying forex card is to save money but now I have to pay extra for each withdrawal. so no use of forex card for me now. I told branch manager that while buying card from online agent he did not mention this thing. Inspite asking are there any hidden charges he did not say about withdrawal $6 charges. Branch manager told me they won't tell you. Thats why you should come to branch and buy from us always. This is a complete disappointment and clearly a fraud. After getting card I sent so many complin email but no answer at all even I called them asked to transfer this call to agent which he has selled to me fraudly. They said he has left this organization. After continueous call another agent(name: Tausif Shaikh, email : tausif.shaikh (at) took my responsibility to address my issue. Initially he said I'll talk to my superwiser and will let you know. For next two days I was calling them asked transfer this call to Tausif , other agents told he will call you in 5 mins as he's busy with other call. Everytime same response I was getting. They both completeley disappeared and they did not even gave me any voucher. So, basically once you do booking, they simply disappear after booking saying that we are not responsible later on. Complete unprofessional. Never going to buy anything from them."

Bailey Ryan says

"Because they need to refund"

Nathan redmond says

"Worst company ever, still waiting for refund"

Sean Lynch says

"We booked 2 allinclusive holidays with TC that went amazing on the 3rd all inclusive to tunisia on the Saturday b4 they went under we were due to return but the hotel demanded over £3000 to leave the hotel I still have the photos of my wife crying at the gates as I was abused but in a foreign country who listens? It will take a lot of hard work for them to regain the reputation of the first 2 holidays. I can only hope they do."

Simoji says

"Flew with them once. Not a positive experience. The main departure screen at LGW keep showing the alert "wait in lobby" then all of a sudden it started flashing as "last call" which made me rush to the gate only to find out that the flight was delayed."